Podcast: Episode 1

American Underground is an audio anthology showcasing new music by independent artists from around the United States. All of the music in this recording is shared with permission.


Jeremy Messersmith - Breaking Down (JeremyMessersmith.com)
Sifu Hotman - Matches (BandCamp.com)
The Starfolk - True Blue (TheStarFolk.com)
The Sevateem - Your Great American Novel (Facebook.com)
Jillian Rae - Hangin' On (JillianRaeMusic.com)
Manny Phesto - Before the Storm (MannyPhesto.com)
Basement Apartment - Starz (BandCamp.com)
Angie Stevens - Whiskey Rain (Facebook.com)
Dylan Hicks - Thank You For Your Postcard (DylanHicks.com)

Thank you for listening.