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  • TC Horror Fest Review: Kaidan
    "Tormented wraiths haunt an eerie landscape best avoided by helpless mortals. Inspired by Lufcadio Hearn’s 19th century collection of Japanese ghost stories, Green T Produ
  • TC Horror Fest Review: Necrophile
    "A mortician falls in love with a man as she prepares his corpse for burial. She has three days until the funeral… but three days just isn't enough. The Coldharts return t
  • TC Horror Fest Review: Bird of 7 Colors
    "Under threat of death, a girl strikes out alone. Searching for the all-knowing Bird of Seven Colors, her way is fraught with danger. But nothing compares to the terror th
  • TC Horror Fest Review: Mortem Capiendum
    "A tonic with seemingly miraculous properties; Three con-men beginning to believe their own pitch; And a perfectly ordinary trunk containing...? A traveling medicine show

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